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British Royal Family Exposed - Eyes Wide Shut by Ajay Mir, Prince Charles and Camilla host a masked ball on the 10th July 2013

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Veröffentlicht am 11.07.2013
Now this is a shocking recent discovery

for those who have seen eyes wide shut made in 1999
directed by Stanley Kubrik

Stanley kubrik demonstrated to the viewer in a particular
scene which was located in the private mansion - masked ball
where bankers, business men,top officials where masks hiding their
idenities from one another grouping up
performing a sexual group orgy while in the background
a orthodox romanian prayer is being played backwards
which is part of a satanic ritual.
Kubrik demonstrated this at 1st hand to the viewer to
give them a insight of what type of shows are taken place
many have stated 30 mins of this movie was chopped of by Warner Brothers
and Kubrik was very nervous smoking alot of cigerettes
when this movie got sent to WB.
Soon after, Stanley Kubrik was murdered exactly 666 days after
the release of Eyes Wide Shut

That movie Eyes wide shut is dark and very twisted, now you will
see the most shocking scene from all a motion picture proves reality

Prince Charles and Camilla host a masked ball on the 10th July 2013.
Now Look at the mask he is wearing, it is indentical to Kubriks Eyes Wide shut
This my friends is a clear example of this freaky satanic bastards do behind close
curtains with their pedophile ring,they murder, control the media, control
this planet with their network this is a satanic ring. This is what Kubrik
was trying to hint to us, clearly shows British Royal Family are part of the
satanic Sex orgys. RIP Kubrik Spread and Share!

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