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David Icke - Who Built the Moon (Matrix)?

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Human Race Get Off Your Knees, by David Icke is his latest book and in it he goes out on the edge (once again) speaking about the moon and what it is there for. Brilliant interviewer Henrik Palmgren of Red Ice Creations asks the questions and David rolls on as he's so good at doing, explaining his viewpoint, unconventional as it is. 2. und 3. Teil des Interviews in weitere Informationen
Interview early on is left out, this starts in where it gets 'juicy ' about the moon.. i like to help people who are so busy, to at least get to hear the main parts of interviews without extra etc. But if you REALLY want to listen to that, go to red ice radio website or tube channel to find this and many great interviews and topics there. Thanks Henrik always, and David as well : ) ! And thank you for listening .. Aloha ! 
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David Icke- Who Built the Moon..interesting interview pt.2

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David Icke- Who Built the Moon..interesting interview pt.3

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