Mittwoch, 5. August 2015

This is what happens when you call the cops

Quelle: Neshane Studio

[Chorus - Rob Hustle + Bump]
This is what happens when you call the cops (x3)
You get your rights violated or you all get shot

[Rob Hustle - Verse 1]
I'm sick of people getting victimized by criminal cops
Psychopathic predators terrorizing neighborhood blocks
Equipped with pepper spray, mace, cuffs tasers and Glocks
They like serial killers acting out subliminal thoughts

Forget what you're taught

These cops have got a license to kill
Witness intimidation means that they can use it at will
Code of silence means that the pigs'll never let out a squeal
And if they go to court they know the judge'll make em a deal

For real...

That's why they stoppin me, lockin me up and stompin me
Confiscating my property, targeting my demography
Making the poor commodities, profiting off of poverty
Enforcing policies supporting prison economies


No one makes money when the violence stops
Hate and brutality's the way to make a criminal crop
Blood in the gutter's how the rich butter their bread at the top
That's why this is what happens when you call the cops

Come on!

[Chorus - Bump]

[Bump - Verse 2]
I'm mixed up in the system and these pigs's trying to murder me
They mace me, they tase me, they trained em to hate me
Degrade and detain me in chains just like slavery

Hands up, face down, left hook, right quick
Throw you down, hold you down, smack you with that night stick
Night shift, ridin round, see you with ya J's on
You'll get sprayed on over skittles
Word to Trayvon

All the people sayin is it's crazy down in Florida
What you sayin, is you playin? It's the same in California
They gangin like they bangin and they'll hang you down in Georgia
Frame you in the cage for what you say without a lawyer

Swarmin with no warnin, now they sortin through ya residence
Storm in with no warrant now they snortin all the evidence
You better just, learn to dodge or box
Cuz this is what happens when you call the cops

Come on!

[Chorus - Rob Hustle]

[Rob Hustle - Verse 3]

"We got a baby in the living room"
Get the grenades. Pull the pin, throw it in the crib, blow him away

"There's a homeless guy camping here"
Well tell him to pack. When he gets up and starts leaving, shoot the bum in the back

"This guy rolled through a stop sign"
That's drugs for sale. Get some doctors to rape him, send him a bill in the mail

"We got a black man knocking on a white woman's door"
Well 10 shots point blank, he ain't gonna knock no more


The problem starts at the academy
New cadets are indoctrinated with a military mentality

With them as the soldiers and us as the people they're battling
We're either collateral damage or combat fatalities

Either way the reality's that it's not gonna stop
Cuz this is what happens when you call the cops
THIS is what happens when you call the cops


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